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The Six Secret Strategic Teachings

The Six Secret Strategic Teachings (六韬) was a treatise on military strategy attributed to the legendary figure Jiāng Zǐyá, a confederate of King Wen of Zhou, founder of the Zhou Dynasty. It is considered one of ancient China’s Seven Military Classics.

The Six Strategies can be explained as follows:

1. The Civil Strategy: Never delight in small advantages or that is all you will achieve. The greatest gains result from benevolence and helping others achieve their aspirations for a better world.

2. The Military Strategy: Win with a benevolent purpose and with wit, preferably without actually fighting. You can outwit an opponent through diplomacy and manipulation.

3. The Dragon Strategy: Explore the subtle and complex aspects of the situation without losing control to advisors or becoming confused. Government depends on a centralized and orderly overview which must be well informed.

4. The Tiger Strategy: You must guard against laxity and act in accord with ever-changing conditions. You must observe the effects and interactions of variables such as weather, terrain, and human psychology.

5.The Leopard Strategy: Know your strength and direct it against the weakness of your enemy.

6. The Dog Strategy: Never attack an enemy when his morale is high. Time a concentrated attack when the moment is right.


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